Teacher Make + Take Kits

Want to host a little craft night at home?

Need a fun art project for a special day with your kids?

Just want to craft on your schedule, not ours? 

Order a make and take kit and get your craft on at home, on your own schedule. These kits are fun for people of all ages -- even 2-3 year old kids get into the process of the art and love creating!

Each box contains everything you need to complete your project, including a step-by-step instruction card.  We really have thought of everything --  the kits are even packaged in pizza boxes which unfold for a flat, disposable work surface.

Make and Take signs measure 7.25" x 7.25".  The boards come pre-stained in either medium brown or gray.  You pick the board color, the stencil designs and 4 paint colors to complete your projects.

Choose designs and quantity of designs below.

Stencil designs: 

  • Real heroes don't wear capes 
  • Thank you for helping me grow
  • Teach, Love, Inspire
  • How sweet it is to be taught by you

Kits are sold in 2 packs, build, mix & match to get the combo you'd like!