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Paint Poured Coasters (4)

A wood, acrylic and epoxy piece — available in a range of sizes. Custom colors and shapes available. 

4" x 4" Set of 4 coasters. Our coasters are like no others out there. Our customers often mistake them for a cut of marble, granite, or even agate. Each set is poured to compliment each other, finished with a glass like finished & finished with a cork backing. Our coasters start as wood, so the best part is they aren't breakable, and lightweight! 

You are ordering a custom poured piece of art just for you. Colors and variations will differ. No color scheme can be exactly replicated but can be inspired. We have included our most popular color combinations, any additional requests can be made by contacting us directly at info@sociallyhandcrafted.com

To commission a custom piece please contact us at info@sociallyhandcrafted.com we are not limited by any shape or size as everything is constructed, built & painted on site at our workshop in Burnsville MN.

Production time: 1-3 weeks

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