Caution Free Range Children 8 x 24 Framed Sign

My only hesitation with this sign is...should we really warn them? Or just leave my children as a fun surprise?

This wooden sign is customized using birch plywood and pine framing. The painted surface of the sign measures 8" x 24" and the finished framed piece measures 9.5" x 25.5". The frame is stained with high quality water based stains & the sign is painted with Dixie Belle paints. Each sign is made to order using the colors you select. Turn around time is 7-10 business days for production and shipping. 

When ordering please include the following information:
Background paint/stain color, text paint color(s) and frame paint/stain.

Shown in photo:
Background: Cotton
Text Color(s): Midnight Sky
Frame stain: Walnut