Caitlin's Birthday RSVP

Caitlin's Paint Pouring Birthday!

Date: Monday March 25th 

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

  • They will be painting! Keep this in mind when choosing their clothes this day. We do provide aprons, however that doesn't always do the trick.

  • Your hosts have selected a few of our designs, please select the one your child would like & fill out the registration below. Make sure to include any customization options you see- ex. Name - no need to include colors, as those will be chosen at the event.

  • A typical painting party lasts about 2 hours- we allow an extra half hour for corralling children & enjoying some treats. Please arrive on time so we can get started on time.

  • Our Location is on the corner of Cliff Rd & 12th 

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