When we get stressed out at work we remind ourselves "it's only arts and crafts..."

 Our business is not a matter of life and death. It is a leisure activity and an opportunity for friends and family to gather together and exercise their creative side.  But now, in the face of an unprecedented epidemic, social gatherings such as our classes and workshops can be a matter of life or death.

 We have made the decision to postpone all Socially Handcrafted workshops for the foreseeable future.  At this point we do not anticipate resuming in-person classes before May 1st. If you are registered for a class between now and May 1st we will be in touch via email and we will be issuing electronic gift cards for you to use to rebook your class at a later date.  We are also looking into teaching some of our classes virtually and expanding our create at home kit offerings. Stay tuned!

 Additionally, we are immediately discontinuing our weekly pick up hours. Your projects are safe at the workshop!  If you would like to have your project shipped to you, you can add on shipping via this link:

 Our online store is still open to purchase finished projects!

 We know this is a concerning time in our country. As a small business we would like to encourage everyone to continue to shop small and support your local businesses whenever possible.

 Please practice social distancing. Though many of us may not be substantially negatively affected by contracting this virus, our medical professionals and at risk friends and family are relying on us to do our part to protect our community as a whole.

 -Kelly & Andrea



Can I get a refund?

No.  We have a no refund policy and, to be transparent, don't have the cash reserves to refund hundreds of registrations on top of paying our bills to keep the business operational during this shutdown.  We are confident we will be able to weather the disruption and come back strong with a full workshop schedule when it is safe to do so.


When will I get my e-gift card if I registered for a class that has been cancelled?

We are working to process all registrations as quickly as possible.  If you do not receive your e-gift card by 3/20/2020 please reach out and let us know.


Are your off-site classes cancelled too?

Yes, even if the breweries and other event locations remain open we will not be holding classes.


When will you resume classes?

We don't know.  The situation is obviously fluid and we are following the news, along with CDC and MDH recommendations closely.  At this point we do not anticipate being able to resume classes before May 1st at the earliest.  If for some reason we are able to open up earlier we will shout that information from the digital mountain tops and let you know!


Are you just "closed" until further notice?

No! Our physical workshop space is currently closed to the public.  However, you can shop our retail stock online and we are working on an expanded set of create at home projects and virtual classes. We currently have a screaming deal on a spring kit that we can ship right to your door:  We are working on some other new kits (especially affordable options for all the kids who are home from school now) and exploring the possibility of a "drive thru" pick up station at the workshop.


Can I buy Dixie Belle Paint?

Our workshop is currently closed to the public. We would be happy to ship paint to you. Please email us to discuss our stock on hand or we can order anything you need from DBP as well!


What about pick up hours for paint pours from earlier this year?

Our workshop is currently closed to the public.  Your projects are safely stored and we will email you when we are able to resume pick up hours (this will be around the same time that we are able to resume workshops).  The extra storage time will not be held against your pick up deadline. If you would like us to ship your paint pour to you. Please pay for shipping via this link:


How can I best avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19?

Wash your hands. Don't touch your face. Practice social distancing. Get plenty of sleep. Follow the advice of local health officials.  Remember, you are NOT a special exception to the rules.  We are all in this together to protect each other.


Have other questions?  Shoot us an email at

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